FUZION PL-50/50G x 0.001g

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  • Capacity: 50g x 0.001g
  • Weighing modes: g, oz, ozt, dwt, gn, ct
  • Range: Tare full capacity
  • Auto Off: 180 seconds off
  • 2 AAA Batteries & Calibration Weight Included
  • Unit weight: 72g

The Fuzion PL 50 scale offers compact design, impeccable accuracy and durability for triple digit devices. The units are housed in strong, clear and black plastic material. The scale comes in a portable fabric pouch, features a round weighing platform with removable bowl, 4.5 digit LCD screen and include a 20g weight for calibrating. With normal care and proper treatment, the Fuzion PL 50 scale will provide years of reliable service!